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perth modern school sports hall

The design of the proposed sports hall was envisaged as a delicate shell structure, guided by the height parameters above playing surface. The east and west elevations draw influence from the illusionary works by Howard Taylor (a prominent WA artist and former student of the school) to appropriate the building scale to that of the inhabitants entering the main entry, located on the southern side of the building.

The interior continues Taylors perspectival influence, through varied stained plywood lining that wraps around the interior at low level. Above the plywood lining, on the walls and ceiling, the proposed shade cloth lining creates a uniform volume allowing the games to be the focus for players and spectators. The interior spatial quality is intended to elicit a unique character of activity and wonderment, similar to interiors from existing buildings on campus such as the existing gymnasium and Hall.

Heritage Consultant- Philip Griffiths Architects