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west kimberley regional prison

There are approximately 450 Kimberley Aboriginal people in prisons over two thousand kilometres from their families and communities. These people have committed a variety of crimes- from non-payments of fines, to driving offences, through to assault and murder, however the single factor in all of their actions is often poverty and alcohol. Keeping people away from their families, country and community causes them considerable stress- resulting in depression, suicide attempts and little chance of rehabilitation. In 2005 Kimberley Aboriginal Elders were asked to consult with their communities to determine what an appropriate prison might be for their people.  The results of this groundbreaking report became the brief for the worlds first culturally appropriate Indigenous prison. People live in houses in self care, have access to education, training and rehabilitation programmes. Its purpose is to allow the prisoners to have access to their families, Elders, Lore and Culture and to develop skills that will allow them to gain employment when they are released.

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