iredale pedersen hook


iredale pedersen hook is a progressive architecture practice with studios in Perth and Melbourne and a rapidly expanding diverse body of work throughout Australia. From the wine region of Victoria’s Yarra Valley, to the desert of the North Kimberly region, through suburban Perth and the rural edge of Melbourne to remote Christmas Island, the projects are as individual and eclectic as the landscape they occupy. Each piece of architecture seeks to embody a unique design response of innovation and delight. The works can be gathered in relation to their geographical location demonstrating an embrace of their context and closer examination reveals a collection of thematic concerns that evolve and develop. The studio is dedicated to the pursuit of appropriate design of effective sustainable buildings with a responsible environmental and social agenda.

Their projects have won over 100 international, national and state awards including sustainability, health, education, public, urban, interior and residential awards.  The architecture of iredale pedersen hook is drawn from a landscape that is dominated by the horizon. In Australia the desert and the ocean operate as constant counterpoints to the occupation of land by built objects. The work shares an understanding of an edge condition that is described by remote locations, incredible sites and the centre of the peripheral.

The studio operates around three very different individuals with three very different approaches to their work, however it proves to be a very complementary assemblage due to the collaborative skills of all the partners. Underpinning the collaboration is a mutual commitment to produce architecture that is responsive and compelling. After eighteen years together the refined combination of the three partner’s talents supplemented by a strong, ambitious team provides iredale pedersen hook architects with a unique depth for the provision of architectural services.

Suites 8, Murray Mews
329-331 Murray Street
Perth WA 6000
PO Box 7192 Cloisters Square
Perth WA 6850
t 08 9322 9750
f 08 9322 9752
t 0412 391 925