iredale pedersen hook

what if? kings park road gateway

iph architects were the youngest of 10 practices invited by the City of Perth to speculate about the future of our city, 20 years of ‘What If’…

Kings Park Boulevard seeks to create a dynamic linear environment that will define the western gateway to the City of Perth. Composed of sympathetic but challenging landscape design, a collection of stimulating ‘Functional Follies’ and the promotion of residential growth in West Perth.

We propose a defined and activated edge to Kings Park that reinforces the existing entry points into the park and identifies possible new activity nodes; themed as man-made elements within the bush. We also seek to generate a defined urban edge for the buildings on the northern side of Kings Park Road by proposing new residential additions between, above and within the fatigued office buildings along this edge.  This edge is themed as an engineered  “living wall” that contrasts with the natural bushland of Kings Park. The Boulevard shall create new activity areas and links from the future residential areas within West Perth across the road into the Park. The transformed urban experience culminates in a new “Peoples Park” that connects Kings Park to the Parliament Precinct injecting active recreation into the green space.