iredale pedersen hook

warehouse 9

Fit out of a residential ‘warehouse shell’ in inner urban Melbourne. The primary aim is to maintain the expansive character of the volume with minimal intervention whilst still providing comfortable amenity. That is, to occupy the shell without filling it. The 100m2 given space is activated though the insertion of a simple ‘box’ positioned to define two ‘rooms’ and a ‘living’ space. The volume is ordered in section by ‘squaring’ the large space and aligning the proportion of the box.

The box is the primary object containing all the amenities of the apartment, kitchen on the front, bathroom/laundry inside, wardrobe at each end, studio on top. Vertical materials are deliberately layered as a counterpoint to the long horizontal expanse of concrete slab. Soft walls are implied with full height operable curtains (chocolate brown fabric and white nylon). The box is very blue laminate with Miesian corners.  Entry is delayed by a 4m tall masonite panel wall. The adjacent wall is very red.