iredale pedersen hook

steedman residence alterations and additions

The Steedman Residence explores the context of the existing house, the context of the back garden and the context of the adjacent residences. It demonstrates the advantages of preserving the streetscape while creating a new form of architecture that is respectful to the original and surrounding residences but defines new ways of living and responding to the context that is not constrained by the past. The past becomes the catalyst for experimenting and discovering alternative solutions to old and new issues. Internally the project seeks special moments in the existing Californian Bungalow and exaggerates these, moments of light, form, material, family inheritance, construction systems and structure are reinterpreted and abstracted but always delicately manipulated. This project expands the notion of sustainability to include social, cultural, contextual, economical and environmental considerations to the benefit of the occupants and community, the value of such a small-scale intervention should not be underestimated.