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roebourne police housing

The Police Housing Complex in Roebourne is located on the slopes of Mount Welcome, overlooking the historic Roebourne courthouse, hospital and old Mt Welcome Homestead.

The group dwelling development pays homage to these historic buildings in both materials and spatial qualities.

The steep site required extensive retaining walls to allow for vehicle access and cyclonic stormwater drainage- these walls are clad with the same local stone used on the historic buildings.

The Standard GROH Brief is augmented with the addition of external living spaces and breezeways – similar to the breezeways found in the Mt Welcome Homestead.

Shade is your friend in the Pilbara- the external living spaces are screened with composite battens and shutters to provide shade, privacy and cyclone protection.  Smaller outdoor living areas are provided around buildings to provide privacy options for share houses or for shift workers.

The normally dominating double garage doors are clad in battens to provide delightful screened filters to the view and breezes while protecting the vehicles during cyclone events.

The common barbeque area makes reference to the old water tanks and windmills once on the site, and the landscaping is planted with lemon and lime trees for use in the evening drinks.