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roebourne children and family centre

The project initiative is driven by Closing the Gap: Indigenous Early Childhood Development National Partnership, government commitment to improve the lives of indigenous Australians, particularly children. It is intended that the project will result in a culturally appropriate facility to encourage early learning for children, and a positive environment for adults alike.

The project focuses on the functional relationship of the adult multipurpose facility and childcare facility akin the symbiotic relationship of parent and child ; and foster fun and a family atmosphere for members of the community to gather. The design approach to distinguish the building functional spaces between the Childcare centre and Family Centre, allows each to develop its unique identity. The two buildings are united by a continuous undulating canopy structure that creates a sense of unity for the whole.

The internal layout of enclosed functional spaces and covered external spaces provides environmentally and culturally appropriate spaces to develop a positive learning environment, and welcomes the local community to share in the creation of positive parent and childhood development. The design embraces the natural climatic conditions, in particular the prevailing breezes to inform the planning and sustainable use of the facility.