iredale pedersen hook

rockingham health training centre

The Rockingham Health Training Centre is a subtle reinterpretation of the existing school modernist language exploring materials and detailing that is familiar and then made unfamiliar.

Tweaking the local built characteristic of contrasting brick plinths the Trade Training Centre allows a darker brick plinth to inform window heights and landscaping to the street elevation. The south elevation pulls the plinth up higher to the to provide a second and more overt reading of the project, one read from afar rather than near.

Where occupants move into the building there is small scale detailing to the brick walls. At these points of the project bricks pull apart to allow sunlight to filter into the building while still providing privacy.

Internally a sequence of scale shifts combined with passive natural light create light filled volumes that contrast with each other responding to the various activities. The glazed skylights to the north of the large volume also act as a beacon when classes are conducted a night providing a sense of security to those that are coming or leaving the training centre.

photos Dion Robeson