iredale pedersen hook

resource recovery facility mindarie regional council

iredale pedersen hook were engaged by SITA Environmental Solution to develop the architectural concept for the new resource recovery facility. Our concept  has been developed to address the following issues: reflect the aspirations and visions of the seven member councils, to promote the facility, to provide an exciting educational element within the facility, to respond in a sympathetic manner to the local environment, the natural landscape and the immediate built landscape.

The Mindarie Regional Council and the 7 Local Government Council Members share common aspirations such as:

1. Sustainability

2. Social Responsibility

3. Economic Responsibility

4. Promoting a Healthy and active lifestyle

5. Promoting cultural and artistic creativity.

6. Creating a healthier Earth.

The Architectural Concept responds to the issues and aspirations by articulating these ideas in parts of the project.  These parts can be read together or individually in some cases (such as the Street Elevation) by visitors or passers-by.