iredale pedersen hook

pta clock tower city square perth

iph were engaged by the pta to explore solutions for a time piece on the site of the former Sapphire Clock. We were asked to provide economical solutions that involved digital time and advertising. In a age where digital matter technology mutes all senses other that sight, our proposal seeks to re-negage the human body in a physical manner giving unexpected life to ‘time’.

We view the Sapphire Clock as a possibility to  represent multiple forms of time; that embrace not only current technology (digital time) but also encourage a form of time that is perhaps slow, archaic and uncontrolled by human intervention….

………This form of time may be concerned with the simple weathering of materials (slow and medium time) such as copper or cor-ten, materials that are durable, economic but are also loaded with multiple meaning…this may be an association with heritage quality that may relate to the old station or bridge…..or a carefully designed oxidising copper that related to more than just the old station and horseshoe bridge…..

…..The shadows cast on the paving may also register another moment in time that is perhaps playful or may even allow a passing person to stop and register the time on the ground….

…………………this is contrasted with the continually evolving electronic time, a form of time that alludes to an unknown future, representing everyday advertising, actual time and the aspiration of the future…………..

…….we propose this be achieved with a simplicity of structure, material and construction and allow the contrast of the digital (digital time, advertising) and tactile (physical time) to remain in a continual dialogue…..