iredale pedersen hook

pilbara demonstration house, madigan estate karratha

iph architects were invited by Landcorp to develop demonstration house solutions responding to their Pilbara Vernacular Handbook.

Our Pilbara Demonstration House seeks to create connections to the unique landscape and living patterns of the Pilbara region and Karratha. It reinterprets and develops historic building forms, materials and environmental systems to create a distinctive cost effective, low maintenance, flexible and contemporary house.

We have worked in the Pilbara, Western Deserts and Kimberley for the last 20 years exploring solutions that create flexibility for the owners and occupants to personalise and discover their own way of inhabiting the house.

The flexibility enables the house to cater for current and future demographic changes, accommodate visitors and relatives, shared house scenarios and more traditional family models.

Flexibility of use is combined with flexibility to apply this design to numerous sites and orientations without compromising environmental performance.

The house caters for different modes of occupancy enabling one to find a quiet and private space or engage in more social events.

The flexible plan maximises the opportunity for natural ventilation cooling in all orientations and allows the occupant to easily adjust the house to suit their own comfort levels.

with GBSC and UDLA.

invited competition 2nd place