iredale pedersen hook

perry lakes tower

In 1932 Henry-Russell Hitchcock and Philip Johnson invented ‘The International Style’ reducing the diversity of modern architecture to a series of principles pre-occupied with notions of collective ‘style’. 80 years later we find ourselves interpreting the design guidelines for the Perry Lakes Housing Estate (the once great home of the 1962 Empire Games Perry Lakes Stadium), a new mandatory guideline that re-introduces Modernism as a ‘style’. Devoid of the economic and social circumstances that helped create modernism and at a point where modernism is now suffering from fatigue we elected to explore the potential for a new form of modernism that embraces economy, sustainability and gracefully growing old. We have called this ‘Geriatric Modernism’, a form of architecture that grows old and proud to be so, while continuing to functionally perform at a high level, allowing diversity and flexibility for inhabitation with minimal floor area, economy of space and cost. Our small tower creates a sense of clarity in a sea of obese and style driven dwellings continually fighting for attention, the recycled Wandoo from the stadium seating and salmon brick revive memories of the past stadium and the remaining scoreboard building sits in continual dialogue with the clarity of the new Perry Lakes Tower.