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pata negra

Pata Negra Restaurant Perth Western Australia- The Black Legged Pig

Pata Negra Restaurant is named after the prized Iberian cured ham, the black-legged pigs that inhabit southern Spain, they are fed a special diet and cured for up to 48 months before eating.Renowned chef and restaurant owner, David Coomer created Pata Negra with Kurt Sampson as an exotic tapas bar with deep Moorish and Middle Eastern influence.

We commenced with spatial explorations that responded to the uniqueness of this menu and the Pata Negra title, developing a spatial experience that does not exist in the city of Perth. Perth is obsessed with its open relationship to the exterior and the street; we pursued a space that filters the exterior, an introverted space that intensifies the experience of dining. Our reference is the Barcelona tapas bars, deep interior spaces with little connection to the street, under designed, introverted worlds that capture cultural artefacts and past historical events, at times part anarchistic and at other times part kitsch.

Pata Negra explores our cultural past re-introducing amber glass, 1970’s light fittings and re-cycled 1970’s furniture, surrounded by the most dark brown space in Perth. This new space is perhaps part nostalgic (to the kids of the 1970’s) and perhaps ‘hip’ and eclectic to the kids of now.