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onslow airport

The Onslow Airport Terminal is the gateway to many visitors to the town of Onslow and the Shire of Ashburton.  The unique landscape characteristic and history of Onslow have been used as an inspiration for the design of our proposal.

The form of the Airport is that of a dramatic floating roof- the topside being horizon flat, while the soffit of the roof undulates – reflecting both the natural forms of hills, sand-dunes, ocean waves and the man-made forms of the salt mounds.  The roof is coloured white to reflect both the salt fields and the clouds in the sky.

The roof shelters a pavilion made from darker naturalistic coloured materials that reduce glare and make reference to the history of Onslow- Recycled Jarrah for the early coastal buildings and jetty structures, weathered steel sheet for the mining industry, and a colour scheme that makes reference to both the plants, marine and terrestrial landscapes and the seasonal cycles of the region.

We seek to express the natural wonders of the region in the form, colours and material selection for the building.  The innovative roof with its undulating form creates a dramatic entry statement from the arrival side, the terminal side and the interior- and would be a simple a landmark element when viewed from the approaching aircraft. The roof has the potential to include a ‘super graphic’ that represents the Shire of Ashburton, this may be a re-production of the Shire emblem, or an abstraction of local flora, fauna or industry.

with West Force Construction