iredale pedersen hook

north beach residence

Designed for a retired couple as a long term residence, it is designed to predominately inhabit the upper level, the lower level being for guests and family. Essentially this is designed as an apartment, with lift and easy access to the garage and balcony. Our modest design capitalises on the north sun winter heat gain, south west cooling winds and protection from the intense west sun with a response that celebrates the passage of time. For the retired couple time is evident through the moving of the sun, an early morning sliver of sun welcoming them with each day being completed by the setting sun. Materials are purposely selected and designed to express changes in time, perforated copper panels will oxidise externally while internally they remain in their original vibrant state. Door handles are pre-weathered and polished over time by the touch of ones hand. Finer detailing reveals a combination of copper and timber, the passing of time is made evident and relevant to the occupants. External materials of face brick (turned inside out) are purposely domestic and durable with cut bricks revealing an unexpected delight of terrazzo like quality.

Architecture is not always about the ‘iconic’, here we explore subtlety and simply ‘fitting in’, allowing the occupants to live modestly with a collection of ongoing exceptional experiences.