iredale pedersen hook

mill point road

The design evolved from the parameters of a long thin site and a brief to capitalise on the full potential of the site.

Three townhouses are pulled, tapered, pushed and stretched creating three distinctly different interior experiences while being bound by a common material palette.

Materials are purposely suburban, one and two course high beige brick contrasts with lightweight Colorbond Custom Orb and opal polycarbonate, an im-balance of mass and light, solid and translucent. The brick patterning references Erich Mendelsohn’s Karolingerplatz Berlin double villa experiments, the Colorbond folds down from the roof to the ground and the polycarbonate focuses views to the sky, the river and the city.

Each house includes a bonus roof space and deck completing the vertical movement, a tree house with the delight of the city and river as reward.