iredale pedersen hook

merry go round of dreams and ghosts

The Perth International Arts Festival 2008 commissioned four architects and one artist to propose fantasy buildings and structures for vacant properties in Perth in the form of a 6x3m billboard. iredale pedersen hook dismissed the idea of a flat billboard and designed a temporary structure that created a new urban space, a billboard that could be inhabited. The Merry Go Round of Dreams and Ghosts is a simple economical structure in the form of an elevated ring. Located on a given site (a failed development that had been grassed to become a temporary park by Council) the project was quickly occupied by a diverse range of people and activities including busking, totem tennis, a space to meet, a temporary landmark. On the outside of this ring were printed images of 100 years of other architects propositions for Perth that remained un-built (the dreams) whilst the inside was printed with demolished buildings or soon to be demolished buildings (high quality projects that have been relegated to ghosts). The inside ring also included a band of (often conflicting) quotes by architects, writers and artists, speculating about the role and value of cities. The Merry Go Round reminds us of these past proposals and existences as an opportunity to reflect on our current urban environment and contemplate what was, what could have been and most importantly, what can still be. The project was critically reviewed in Architecture Australia and controversially won a Commendation Award for Urban Design at the 2008 RAIA WA Chapter Awards.