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applecross house

This project explores one of the oldest and most humble of materials- ‘brick’ and the capacity to exercise material restraint while applying this to a 1300m2 residence. This material unfolds over five stories each level is interpreted in different ways through the storytelling of brickwork. Contrasting with the slightly glazed dark coloured brick, at strategic locations a silver glazed brick is introduced to reflect light and colour in to the house. To enter the house one must walk along a meandering path through a fabricated dense forest that creates a sense of discovery, partly concealing the 10.5m high dense brick street façade (landscape by Carrier Postmus). Beyond this façade light and reflection are exploited creating a sense of fluidity of material, surface and movement that dialogues with the view and dynamic of the Perth Swan river.

Winner 2016 Think Brick Grand Prix Award and Horbury Hunt Award

photos Peter Bennetts