iredale pedersen hook

mosman bay residence

The Mosman Bay Residence develops the Jekyll and Hyde qualities previously embedded in the collection of iph alterations and additions completed from 1999-2009. The result is a place for living with two distinct qualities responding to the programatic requirements of living, sleeping and bathing in dialogue with the scale of the site. In a reference to The Eames ‘Powers of Ten’ we explored multiple scales of relating to the site fluctuating between distant views and the intimacy of family relationships, a dialogue between the presence of the meandering Swan River and the Perth city skyline contrasted with the tactile engagement with the garden and pool. The upper level appears as a stranded boat, a vessel drifted down the river and washed up on a bed of rock, “from the river you could be in the city but not on or of it. You could be back from it out there on the water and see everything go by you, around you, leaving you untouched” (Tim Winton- Cloudstreet)