iredale pedersen hook

leederville fire station

The adaption of the Leederville Fire Station provides a rare opportunity to create a unique environment that interprets the past role of the fire station and gallery, for a modern function.

We began with a cleansing of inappropriate additions, elements added over the course of time that confuse the historic value of the building. This left us with generous volumes surrounded by a robust exterior. New additions are minor and designed as delicate insertions that reveal the original building captialising on the novel and nostalgic value……..

We propose a symbiotic relationship between the fire station and potential medical suite exhibited in the form of a gallery, the building acts as a means of education revealing the previous construction, use and historic value through the lens of the medical world……

Fire= Safety

Medical= Health………….Health and Safety=  Life Preservation………

Healthy Building, Healthy Environment, Healthy Habitation….Health + Well Being…..

The building will soon be available to purchase, refer to the website link below in the near future.