iredale pedersen hook

lamington drive

Lamington Drive is a commercial illustration gallery and exhibition space that resides within an old stables in the inner city melbourne suburb of Fitzroy. Working within a ridiculously tight budget iredale pedersen hook proposed the insertion of a gallery composed as a sleeve within the existing built fabric . Acknowledging the desire to pin fine illustrations to the sleeve walls surface, cardboard was used as the key material in the space. Utilizing the standard size of cardboard available the sleeve walls were developed as a series of identical panels that could be easily removed and recycled after every exhibit. The panel dimensions were based on existing exit door locations and the ability to fit them on the roof rack of an old Subaru station wagon for transport. The ordered cardboard ‘sleeve’ both calibrates the irregular old building and provides a structure to the layout of exhibitions. At the corners of the space the simple grid of the cardboard meets existing uneven walls at this point the cardboard is held back to allow the insertion of a ‘halo’ tube light. The ceiling of the space is left raw with the provision of naked filament lamps. The resultant space is warm, measured and intimate.