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kununurra & wyndham housing stage 1

IPH were commissioned by the Department of Housing to design and deliver 76 houses as part of the infrastructure support for the Ord Stage 2 development. This project is Commonwealth funded and has an extremely tight timeframe and the design team delivered the first package within the time and budget constraints. These houses were all for Aboriginal families in the East Kimberley The third stage houses were of a “transitional housing” model- that is they were houses for Aboriginal families whose members were entering the workforce. These houses reinterpret the standard Homeswest brief to include better incorporation of out-door living areas and more suitable to Aboriginal family lifestyles. The architectural form of the dwellings was driven by deep verandahs and eaves, simple but durable building materials with FC sheet and colorbond cladding used to articulate the facades, and careful consideration of breeze paths to minimise air conditioner requirements.