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kununurra police station

Following the design of the Kununurra Courthouse, TAG Architects and iph architects developed concepts for the upgrade of the existing Kununurra Police Station. The courthouse develops a connection to the surrounding landscape with an undulating roof form and section unfolding in relation to the particularities of the program. To connect both buildings without compromising either, we inverted the courthouse concept creating a sense of weight and discovery when moving in to and through the police station, here the mountain is inverted…..a ‘thick’ skin collects and conceals the disparate parts of the existing building, ┬áprovides additional floor area, protection form the extreme climate, a sense of protection and an appropriate identifiable image that invites rather than intimidates.

The design upgrades the level of amenity for occupants to the current standard while providing possibility for future additions and minimising demolition of the existing building.