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grace park residence

The heritage restrictions on this listed Federation home forced careful consideration of the articulation of the rear facade and its appearance from the street. Seizing this as an opportunity rather than a constraint the large-scale addition slips under the steep pitch of the roof of the host building creating a dialogue between the distinct geometry of the old hip roof form and the required volume of the addition. ¬†Affectionately named ‘The Copper Stealth Bomber’ the addition seeks to extract the maximum space for new program by shifting and distorting under the existing structure but remaining unseen from the street. This establishes a series of dual relationships for the residence; the demure front facade and the dynamic rear elevation, the sensitive restoration of the front rooms of the house and the expansive new spaces of the addition. Continuity between spaces and blending of external materiality is achieved by through engaging ‘real’ materials of copper, waxed recycled timber, marble and bluestone against a neutral, but not mute, colour palette. The spaces are resilient to the demands of a large family; this is a house that is designed to be lived in.