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kilburn mobile home

Following a series of successful single residential projects with iph, this client wished to create a mobile home to travel Australia with a level of comfort and design that exceeds other ‘off the shelf’ mobile homes. We responded to this desire by creating 4 distinct zones, each zone is designed around a specific quality that would allow the No-mad to enjoy every activity and moment of the day. Zone 1 is the driving zone and specifically designed to maximise the activity of moving. Surrounded entirely by cushioned black leather this space is the soft space, a space that is individually climatically controlled with mini TV/DVD nd GPS. Zone 2 is the active living space, cooking and eating, a space to invite guests, the social space of the home. This is lined entirely in blond timber, surfaces melt in to each other eliminating sharp edges and creating an illusion of extra pace. Zone 3 is the body pampering and cleansing space, lined entirely in translucent glass and flexible enabling it to be fully opened when privacy is not required. Zone 4 is the resting and sleeping space, a private space lined entirely in velvet red carpet all surfaces are cushioned and moulded this is the ultimate in comfort following a hard day on the road.

The exterior is developed with a dynamic patterning that was initially based on WW2 camouflage patterning to abstract the form of the vehicle and painted in silver, white, black and red in the manner of a coca cola can (an object that is known the world over). Windows were developed in relation to the spaces inside ranging from generic windows required for maximal visibility to specifically placed circular windows framing views whilst bathing and lying in bed.