iredale pedersen hook

kilburn residence

The affluence of the mineral boom in Perth during the 1950’s and 60’s allowed architects to embrace all that Modernism offered. A perfect climate for the Californian ideals of Eames, Schindler and the Case Study houses young architects seized the opportunity to define a new way to live; with open plan spaces dissolving the line between interior and exterior. Sadly, just like California, many of these exemplar small buildings have now been replaced by bloated, beige mansions with small windows and an internalised focus. The Kilburn House, in the riverside suburb of Applecross draws on the ghosts of its neighbours reconnecting their sensibilities in a curent context. A folded white and grey prism the architecture seeks to explore a layering of space and light that mediates between the adjacent residences and its own clean interior. The land around the building is treated not as garden but as a collection of interstitial spaces or ‘outdoor room’s’ that delay enclosure. The heroic volumes and opportunistic use of landscape and light seek to invigorate the qualities of living in the Perth climate and culture