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kalgoorlie renal hostel

The Kalgoorlie Renal Hostel project is envisaged to provide accommodation for renal patients accessing renal dialysis or renal support services in

Kalgoorlie. The key project objectives are to:

— Improve access to renal dialysis and renal support services, closer to home across country WA.

— Ensure renal services meet the projected need for country West Australians into the future.

— Provide best practice renal services (primary and secondary) across the regions to reduce, stabilise or delay end stage kidney disease.

— To establish a regional hub and spoke network of renal services which will build a foundation for future services and increase service sustainability.

— To close the gap in patient outcomes for Aboriginal people with chronic and end stage kidney disease.

The design of the facility responds to the extreme seasons of Kalgoorlie. Due to the higher focus on external living, the design of spaces that provide both shelter from and exposure to breezes and winds during the changing seasons is addressed. The design incorporates spaces and rooms which reflect the desire of residents to live in a particular manner which is culturally appropriate.