iredale pedersen hook

hillside gardens

This project is one of a series that seek to bring new life to classic 1960’s apartment buildings around the edge of Perth’s CBD. These architectural gems are under threat of demolition due to their fantastic and increasingly valuable but underdeveloped sites. Hillside Gardens was constructed during a significant mining boom and it,  along with a collection of similar residential flats, represents an optimism for Perth life and its ability to embrace of modern ways of living. Essentially a major service upgrade the project seized the opportunity to explore replacing infrastructural elements of the building to provide a new architectural aesthetic and provoke consideration of a much larger project to maximize site usage. A new service façade has been developed for the north elevation that conceals upgrades to the power, water and gas systems to each residential unit. The new façade uses the upgrade to the lift plant room and balustrade/ handrail to generate a new cladding system that also acts to provide an essential building protection system, pragmatic storage (a ‘green shed’) for every apartment and an evocative lighting scheme which landmarks the building at night.