iredale pedersen hook

hay street mall perth living room chandelier

Conceived as a delicate, sculptural structure, this architectural installation provides a requested ‘landmark’ in Hay Street Mall, the retail core of Perth CBD.  The proposal continues the City of Perth’s agenda of establishing a public realm of significant civic quality that acknowledges the built heritage of Perth and celebrates the unique quality of our built and natural environment. Taking the analogous form of an ‘Urban Chandelier’ the skeletal towers are clad with coloured and patterned glass and timber battens to provide shade and shelter from the weather, but also interact with the surrounding buildings to cast light and shadow onto a manipulated new ground surface, a ‘Stone Rug’ of honed and shot blast granite, reflecting the movement of the sun above. The project is seen as a dynamic assemblage of light and form that mediates the City through the Diasporas of retail signage and heritage façade’s that dominate the visual landscape of the shopper. (Project with Dr Stephen Neille, Curtin University)