iredale pedersen hook

happy house city beach

The new roof takes the form of an over-scaled ‘cap’, responding to the intensities of sun, wind and rain whilst forming an immense framing device looking west to the Indian Ocean. Internally the cap rediscovers the possibilities of the section, creating large volumes that hint at the spatial qualities of the original house (the house was given the 1980’s post modern makeover including the installation of flat ceilings). This projects continues Iredale Pedersen Hooks exploration in to dualities or the Jekyll and Hyde possibilities of the domestic residence. In this project we explore the possibilities of bunkering (street façade) and weightlessness (rear garden façade). It is a practical solution that responds to the natural topography while providing privacy to the street and maximising the views to the west. A sequence of interrelated platforms unfolds in response to the site slope whilst controlling the manner in which the Indian Ocean is revealed. This house shares the street with a house by the Bulgarian architect Iwan Iwanoff, Iwanoff explored the sculptural, environmental and structural possibilities of Boral Besser concrete blocks. The front wall is a reference to Iwanoff and re-instates the grey concrete block to the street whilst manipulating the front fence by-laws that required 80% visual transparency. The naming ‘happy house’ was by the project architect after the first visit, the house is filled with very special art, lots of laughter and the sound of piano music.