iredale pedersen hook

greenway street townhouse

This townhouse interior explores the role of time- time past, present and time future,

The house develops a narrative where ‘young’ history is valued, documented and re-interpreted, stories are developed through discussions with neighbours and remnant building elements. These stories continued through the act of building, things were discovered and imbedded in the final design.

This project evolved over a period of two years, drawings exploring the use of colour were prepared and tested and often modified during the act of painting. It was an opportunity to test and change; mistakes were made and sometimes left as a record for future observation.

The cheapest form of design= ‘PAINT’, this is used to explore notions of ‘time’:

Time Documentation, Short and Long Term Memory, Inhabitable Clock, Architectural Bandage, Endless Shadow, Inheritance, Selective Removal, Gloss White on White.