iredale pedersen hook

glen forrest house + church

Sharing the site with Mundarings first church building (former Saint Andrew’s Anglican Church 1903), a heritage garden and gazebo, this modest residence binds all three ‘objects’ together as a unified constellation.

Created as a large red ‘rock’, (Colorbond Heritage Red) the precise wedge shape emerges from a ┬ámanipulation of the site contours. Placed to the southern boundary a clear line of site is maintained from the street to the former church, the site may now be private but the view is public and encourages former memories of the building’s use to be re-ignited.

Visitors meander along a path between trees, residence, native garden, heritage garden, church and gazebo. The new residence stretches its verandah to embrace the 1987 church porch addition, binding all objects and experiences, allowing new experiences to emerge and be cherished.

This design forms part of iph’s ongoing exploration of residential design with just the right amount of space, finding solutions that are affordable yet completely individual.

photos- Peter Bennetts