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frank drago reserve future facility development plans

The proposed upgrade works transforms the reserve in to a fully publicly accessible park with additional parking, children facilities and playground, BBQ’s and shade structures and public amenities.

A new café located at the northern end of the site is open to the general public with alfresco eating areas extending in to grassed areas with views over the playground, playing fields and nature reserve.

A large open area to the north includes grassed terraces and grassed banks for viewing potential public performances, passive surveillance over the playground and BBQ facilities for the general public.

The new building includes facilities open to the general public including gymnasium, multi-purpose rooms and function rooms and public amenities.

The new building is semi embedded into the ground to reduce its scale and bulk, it becomes an extension of the site with brick walls extending to created grass terraced areas and bind the building and landscape together.

The redevelopment proposes a new community facility with multiple uses that collectively benefit each other.