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football west stadium

Football West Stadium, Headquarters and Training Facilities

The design consists of two primary elements that overlap to create a unique synergy, choreographing spectators and players in to one spectacle.

One element collects and binds the arriving spectators and immediately places them on to a sculptured, continuous surface that tilts, rolls and loops back to engage with the playing field. All accommodation, ticket counters, kiosks, offices and tenancies are also grouped together on this surface called ‘the field of community’. The field forms a large ‘S’, on approach the building profile becomes a memorable and immediately identifiable representation of West Australian Football where the profile ‘S’ = SOCCER.

The second element binds competing teams and referees in to one green surface that slides under the ‘field of community’. Referred to as ‘the field of performers’ the energy and excitement generated on this field rapidly infects ‘the field of community’ resulting in a continuous cycle where one field contributes to the other.

All spectators are surrounded by the colour orange, orange combines the energy of red with the happiness of yellow. It is associated with joy and sunshine (two West Australian qualities) and represents enthusiasm (or devotion), happiness, determination, encouragement and stimulation. Orange increases oxygen supply to the brain and stimulates mental activity without the aggressiveness of the colour ‘red’. Orange is symbolic of strength and endurance (two primary requirements on the playing field).

To address ongoing running costs we propose a collection of initiatives that will make this stadium unique in Western Australia including reducing energy consumption, generating power, collecting water, reducing water use and selecting materials that are durable and minimise impact to the environment.