iredale pedersen hook

dunedin street

A small extension to a city edge house this project creates a language of new parts by manipulating and exaggerating existing qualities of the dwelling to form a sympathetic dialogue between old and new whilst exploiting every part of the site. In this case the geometry of the traditional ‘hip roof’ is manipulated to create a new form in the internal space of the addition. A long axis is defined then intersected, folded and punctured strategically revealing fragments of space. Decoration of the ceiling of the old building reflects a hierarchy of space with the more elaborate ceiling located in the most formal spaces at the street becoming more simple as the rooms move towards the rear. The new space continues this elaboration of the ceiling but transforms it into a spatial event, rather than merely decoration, literally unfolding to allow north sun to enter the new living space and the poetic embrace of the garden. We refer to this technique as a ‘sleeve’ an approach that harmonises the transition from old and new allowing modern and older architectures to co-exist. The extraordinary qualities of the architecture are achieved with very ordinary means including recycling and re-using many elements from the demolished parts of the existing dwelling and a careful understanding of traditional construction techniques in order to exploit them in a new formal and spatial language.