iredale pedersen hook

cottlesloe surf life saving club

Cottesloe Beach has a place within the identity of all West Australians. It is here that we publicly gather and look out over the Indian Ocean reflecting on our heritage and the vast land at our backs that separates us from other Australians. It is in this moment that we realise our isolation and the need to maintain our own community. Cottesloe Surf Lifesaving Club is the anchor of community activity at the beach, its members have served, protected and celebrated beach culture with the wider public. Our proposal for the new club seeks to reinforce the relationship of the Club to the community through the idea of their vigilance over the beach. The building is defined by a cluster of pavilions that float over an articulated landscape allowing direct links from the street through to the beach. Each pavilion is orientated to frame panoramic views across the ocean and more intimate views of Cottesloe and the beach; the architecture is watching you. The relationship to landscape is critical, our scheme embraces current patterns of use (paths and tracks) and establishes a relationship between manufactured and natural ground by rehabilitating the eroded natural landscape and respecting the indigenous heritage of the site. A new ground surface is created beneath and around the building from weathered recycled timber, limestone paving, grassed seating areas and swaths of local native plants. The pavilions hovering above are composed radially around a vertical internal courtyard, which connects back to the new ground, linking the public and private spaces of the building. This central space contains the exhibition of the clubs’ history and forms an orrery tracking the sea and landscape beyond the architecture and the life of the beach that occurs within the view.

Invited Competition 2nd Place