iredale pedersen hook

city of perth information kiosk

The design for the new City of Perth Information Centre began with three key themes: SIGN, PLACE and PEOPLE. This theme developed from discussions with key City of Perth representatives, Information Centre managers and volunteer staff and Perth residents.

These themes create the possibility for three levels of perception; the distant marker, a response to the immediate site and the intimate scale of communication between people. These themes are directly dependant on each other creating a holistic approach to presenting information for the city of Perth.

The tube of information will belong to a larger family of light emitting events including Council House (the civic centre of the city), the Performing Arts Centre (the cultural centre of the city), the Swan Bells (the edge of city and river) the distant Narrows Bridge and Kings Park Memorial as well as the existing City of Perth illuminated sites which include the Edith Cowan Memorial, Trafalgar Bridge, Perth Town Hall (future) and Trees on Victoria Avenue and Mounts Bay Road.

iph architects were one of three invited teams to prepare a concept design for the new information kiosk. Our design was considered a too significant landmark for the role of an information centre representing the City of Perth,  all the submitted designs were dismissed as inappropriate by the jury .

consulting structural engineer: Capital House Engineering