iredale pedersen hook

cheese house city beach

The Cheese House explores the illusion of the home as a holiday retreat and the spatial potential in the tapering boundaries of a dramatic triangular site. It engages with the possibility of visual illusion resulting from an a-perspective approach to spatial construction around a ‘vanishing point’ and its relationship to the container of the everyday experience in a family residence.

Spaces of the dwelling are organised as a series of wedges that focus to the illusory vanishing point. Analogous to a wedge of Camembert cheese the large, white, anonymous external walls resonate as powerful barriers, carefully concealing the internal richness of the private world. Incisions are made into the wedge removing volumes that become courtyards and interstitial spaces lined with rich and delicious materials.

Primary circulation operates around a central timber ‘spine’ that connects the street edge through a garden into the house and ascends into a soaring stair void and projects deep into the site towards its culmination point. Crafted from a recycled local Jarrah the spine organises the functions of living, dividing formal spaces from casual, bedrooms from living and collects the staircase, deck and swimming pool as it progresses. This three-dimensional spatial gesture forms spaces of ambiguity and creates a resonating curved court that brings the exterior deep inside; a constant desire in Perth’s pleasant climate. Ironically the vanishing point is denied visibility by a wall at the end of the property that serves to exaggerate the illusion with an installation by local artist Jurek Wybraniec.