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broome bird observatory

The Broome Bird Observatory sits on the fertile Roebuck Bay 25 km’s from Broome and accommodates visitors from the world, visitors with aspiration to relax, contemplate and hopefully spot the elusive exotic bird. Migratory patterns stretch as far as Russia through Broome and on to New Zealand, Broome is a place to rest and regenerate.

Our design hovers delicately above the ground, minimising impact to the precious site and placing the observer in synergy with the observed. Observers are sheltered from the impact of the dry and wet seasons by a multi-layerd roof system with feathered edges. The building allows for a diversity of activities, training, seminars, interpretation display, offices and future expansion. An outdoor auditorium  enables occupants to enjoy the dry season mildness while relaxing with a bird movie or two. Modules are pre-fabricated in metal and plywood and delivered to site as funds become available for expansion.