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belridge secondary college performing arts centre

The Belridge Secondary College Performing Arts Centre transforms the drama of the interior into a dynamic and engaging exterior experience that shifts the audience from passive observer into excited and willing participant.

The original Belridge Secondary College Performing Arts Centre was designed by the Building Management Authority in 1994. Iph architects were engaged by the State to add a Performing Arts Theatre, renovate and extend the existing theatre and upgrade existing facilities.

The design focuses on the capacity of architecture to enrich the experience of performances and to connect performers and audience . The architecture is confident but knows when to be silent, it embraces rich and tactile materials and textures and elevates the quality of our secondary school performance spaces to that of a community facility expectation. This is achieved with exceptional value for money and within a compressed timeframe of 19 months from design commencement to construction completion.

photos: Dion Robeson