iredale pedersen hook

bayswater city football club- home of football

The Bayswater City Home of Football has the potential to bring three major aspects of football in to one location with easy access to the city and suburbs.

It includes a redevelopment of the existing stadium to accommodate over 5000 spectators, a ‘centre for football excellence’- a place to train and mentor international football players and Football West.

The facility includes training fields, kiosks and change rooms for the use of the community and visitors to Bayswater, it becomes a centre or ‘Home’ for the benefit of the broader world of football in Western Australia.

The architectural concept responds to the spectacular and dynamic nature of the sport with a series of vaulted roof forms that emerge out of the existing sloping ground, connecting in to the existing stadium and then cantilevering over the entry. Access is to the southwest along a new spine of ‘football’ shaped spaces, the footballs collect and store water from the large roof for re-use in the wet area facilities and to reticulate fields. Photovoltaic panels generate power for re-use in the stadium and minimise on-going running costs

A sequence of black and blue glass bands along the field façade reinforce the club colours while allowing visiting teams and spectators to enjoy the panoramic views to the field.

The vaulting roof and ‘football façade’ act as immediate icons instantly recognizable from the adjacent railway line and the popular Whatley Crescent road. A pair of football water storage tanks with sponsor logos sits embedded in the hill for all commuters to see and appreciate.