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An invited competition entry exploring the potential of brick as a future construction material this project addresses the growing issue of housing affordability in the context of social and environmental sustainability. Investigating the ‘forgotten’ under-serviced middle suburbs of Perth we propose more appropriate land use and the development of alternative housing typologies that respond to a changing demographic. We propose moving away from the traditional large dwelling on a large block of land towards a more rectilinear flexible plan with courtyard spaces and shared backyards that don’t compromise the unique lifestyle of suburban Perth. The primary concern for the new construction is its potential for re-use when the building is no longer required. A cavity wall interlocking brick system was been developed in association with local maufacturer Midland Brick where the hollow core of the brick is dropped over a series of recycled plastic reinforcement rods. Walls are capped with a pre-cast concrete ring beam that forms a gutter to collect rainwater and serves as a pitching point for the recycled timber roof structure. The colour of the brick walls shall be determined by the manner in which they attract winter or summer heat gain. Strategically located dark colour bricks shall collect additional heat load from skylights that will capture winter sun in south facing rooms. The project was published in Boomtown 2050 : scenarios for a rapidly growing city by Professor Richard Weller of University of Western Australia that speculates on the immediate future of Perth.

invited competition 2nd place