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pingelly recreation and cultural centre and bilya koort boodja centre for nyoongar culture and environmental knowledge win international awards


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iredale pedersen hook architects are proud to announce that the recently completed Pingelly Recreation and Cultural Centre in Pingelly (PRACC) and the Bilya Koort Boodja (BKB) Centre for Nyoongar Culture and Environmental Knowledge in Northam have received international acclaim in the prestigious Architecture of Necessity Awards curated through Virserum Konsthall in Sweden. PRACC was a winner of the competition and BKB was a finalist in the international competition.

The international manifesto on the Architecture of Necessity commenced in 2009 and is held every three years, it encourages dialogues about the basic values of architecture. A humble questioning of the living and consumption patterns that developed during the last century, which intersects many traditional political barriers. “This years focus is on entries that deal with the rural context, the re-activation of forgotten places both with transformation of existing buildings and with new typologies, for example combining multiple symbiotic uses in to one building, seeking an architectural language, developed for smaller cities and places integrating landscape, typology and details and materials.”

Both projects will be published and exhibited in Virserum Konsthall from 27th June- 2nd December 2019. A symposium will be held on 27th June 2019 to celebrate the winning projects.

PRACC was designed by iredale pedersen hook architects with Advanced Timber Concepts Studio for the town of Pingelly and is the largest timber constructed building in Western Australia since WWII and the largest timber civic building since 1920. The project was commissioned by the Shire of Pingelly.

BKB was designed by iredale pedersen hook architects with Thylacine exhibit designers. The project was commissioned by the Shire of Northam with the aim to ‘recognise the rich Aboriginal and environmental presence in the Nyoongar Ballardong region. The Centre will protect, celebrate and share the culture of the Nyoongar people and highlight land management practices that draws upon the knowledge of the land’s traditional custodians.’  

In 2016 iredale pedersen hook’s Walumba Elders Centre was also the winner of the Architecture of Necessity Award.

Please follow the links for additional information:

A full press pack and comprehensive set of drawings and images for publication can be obtained by contacting: Adrian Iredale,  telephone +61 8 9322 9750 or Image selection is also available on our website:

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