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highgate primary school is shortlisted for the national aia awards


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The Australian Institute of Architects has announced the shortlist for the 2018 National Architecture Awards.

From 975 entries across state and territory chapter awards programs, 203 were eligible for judging by the national jury, which has shortlisted 70 projects, which will vie for the prestigious awards.

Jury chair Richard Kirk said the judging process affirmed the importance of site visits in determining the shortlist. “Each project visit was always an experience of delight and surprise, and we were continually reminded how project images can never be a substitute for experiencing the building itself,” he said.

“Furthermore, these visits provided a unique experience made all the richer by the opportunity to engage with the architects and in almost all instances their clients.”

Also on the jury were, Jill Garner (Victorian Government Architect), Katelin Butler (editorial director, Architecture Media), Charles Wright (Charles Wright Architects) and Kevin O’Brien (Kevin O’Brien Architects).

Kirk said that the jury was particularly impressed by the diversity of the submissions.

“This national overview provided an opportunity to reflect on how Australia’s vastly different landscapes, urban conditions and economic circumstances influence the work we saw.”

“The jury was aware that in comparing work with such differences in location, complexity or budget, it was important for there to be consensus of view as to how each project responded to the criteria.

“We were impressed by these projects that established new design benchmarks that can be of value to the broader community and through that influence see a positive change resonate in our built environment.”

The winners of the 2018 National Architecture Awards will be announced in Melbourne on 1 November.
(source: ArchitectureAU)

Congratulations to all the West Australian shortlisted nettles, i’s an impressive and diverse collection.

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